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Danny Shot Elaborates…

It is difficult to write about my poems because I’ve always believed that the poem should speak for itself. Then again, I’m not one to turn away from a challenge and this is a challenge indeed. Winter Clouds in Hoboken (p. 6) began as a haiku and grew from there: Seagulls peck French fries off a white Mercedes Benz on Washington … Read More...

Nin Andrews Interviews Cindy Veach About Gloved Against Blood

NA: I love how you open, Gloved Against Blood, with a quote from Proust, "For we are our loom," and then write about your life and your ancestor’s lives, both as if they were images on a tapestry as well as the creators of the tapestry. How did this book begin? What was the first poem you wrote for it? CV: The book began with the poem … Read More...

Cindy Veach on writing “Curating My Grandfather”

One of the things I’m preoccupied with is the idea of how genetics/DNA connects us to family we never knew exerting and expressing itself for better or worse in subsequent generations. My maternal grandfather abandoned my grandmother when my mother was two years old. I have often wondered what of him is in me, my siblings, and my children. -Cindy … Read More...

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