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Louisa May Alcott Visits Mr. Emerson – Judith Sornberger

I imagine you on a May morning breezing into his study, breathless from your sprint across the fields. The great man of letters—your father's friend, your friend—neither sighs nor hesitates as he sets his quill pen on its stand, pushes back his rocker from the writing table. Abandoning his Remarkable Men, his craggy features soften into a … Read More...

Whitman Sings Camden Now – Tina Kelley

Among the women in tank tops, backs arched, slow pacing, Among the young men riding small wobbling bikes against traffic, Among the rows of row homes, standing like beggars waiting for money, Waiting furiously while they fall into gravity, There must be some comfort. A cat on the house-dressed lap of the woman at the window, purring, A child … Read More...

Judith Sornberger elaborates…

HAPPY HOUR The more I talk to people who've lost loved ones, the more apparent it becomes that—despite our beliefs about the afterlife—many of us watch for messages from our departed beloveds, signs that they not only continue to exist in some form, but also that they continue to love us. After my mother's death, my husband Bruce called me to … Read More...

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