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door of thin skins by Shira Dentz

“The visual rhetoric of the collection records the constant struggle of the narrative: to literally deal with the speaker’s double-vision, and, in the realm of the subconscious, to make composites of memories. The most stunning moments of this collection occur because of Dentz’s ability to use language to move fluently between image and story.” Green Mountain Reviews

“Reading door of thin skins, you will not be able to keep your equilibrium. You will flood with rage, but this rage will be punctuated with displays of dazzling language and interludes of humor. You will find yourself trying to catch your breath over and over as it spills from your spinning head.” Tarpaulin Sky Press

“Dentz’s door of thin skins is a book to be devoured repeatedly. It is an important book from which to learn.” HTML Giant

“The world Dentz has created captures the narrator’s restless, reeling mind, as well as the cold disinterest of the outside world. The frustrations and hurt coexist, and yet the outside world continues to move on its own. Dentz’s collection is a powerful and unsettling art piece, delving into the psyche of a broken young woman who is surrounded by damaging people.”
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Confessions of Joan the Tall by Joan Cusack Handler

Confessions of Joan the Tall is destined to join Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Wait Till Next Year, coming-of-age tales that speak to the soul.” ForeWord Reviews

“Handler writes with candor, sometimes almost embarrassingly so, yet thanks to her masterful rhythms, there’s beauty in even the most painful scenes. She creates a character who has a huge voice and a compelling story all her own.” Kirkus Reviews

“Cusack Handler’s prose reverberates with evocative imagery, insight and emotion, conjuring not only the physicality, mystery and allure of the Roman Catholic faith of the 1950s, but also the authentic intensity and vacillation of adolescent feelings. The story, constructed in slice-of-life fragments and steeped in the present tense, deepens the intimacy of this well-drawn, psychologically astute narrative.”
Reading Between the Lines

Confessions of Joan the Tall the often simultaneously hilarious and poignant, offbeat memoir…” booktrib

Darkening the Grassby Michael Miller

Finalist: Massachusetts Book Award, 2013 “Must Read

“Miller’s language, here and elsewhere in Darkening the Grass, carries the earnestness and conviction of a maxim. At times it seems he turns to the reader to speak candidly; to live past eighty, he states, you reach ‘An age that befriends the soul.’”
Green Mountain Reviews

The Laundress Catches Her Breath by Paola Corso

First Prize Winner of the Tillie Olsen Award for Creative Writing

Poetry Finalist: ForeWord Reviews, 2012 Book of the Year Awards

Fifteen to Penn Station by Kevin Carey

“The words ‘pretentious’ and ‘poetry’ are so often used in conjunction, they might be mistaken for a single compound word. So it’s a joy and a relief to discover Kevin Carey’s The One Fifteen to Penn Station, a collection of poetry that uses language to elevate the everyday thoughts and occurrences of life without surrendering its author’s common-man voice.”
ForeWord Reviews

American Rhapsody by Carole Stone

“Stone does not shy away from placing her heart on the page as a way of coming to terms with a history she recognizes she may never understand. It is through this honesty that Stone wins over her readers.”
ForeWord Reviews

“She fixes readers in time, never allowing us to forget the history serving as setting for most of these poems. This ambiance is created through the use of literary allusions as epigraphs. These snippets of song lyrics or quotation tap the zeitgeist, grounding readers in the tumultuous days of Prohibition.”
East Hampton Star

Motherhood Exaggerated by Judith Hannan

“She lets the reader in on the ways in which she departs from the collective myth of the ideal mother while holding our attention to the space in which a child’s illness demands the very best…”
ForeWord Reviews

“Heartfelt and gut-wrenching at times, but was a testament of the importance of a mom being able to still celebrate small triumphs while fighting for the life of her daughter.”
Adventures in Mommyhood