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(Listed alphabetically)

Against Consolation
- Robert Cording

Against Which
- Ross Gay

American Rhapsody
Carole Stone

Apparition Hill
- Mary Ruefle

An Apron Full of Beans: New and Selected Poems
Sam Cornish

The Baby Book
- Robin Silbergleid

Bar of the Flattened Heart
- David Keller

Karen Chase

Body of Diminishing Motion
- Joan Seliger Sidney

ANTHOLOGIES - The Breath of Parted Lips: Voices from the Robert Frost Place, Volume 1
Donald Hall (Foreword

ANTHOLOGIES - The Breath of Parted Lips: Voices from the Robert Frost Place, Volume 2
- Sydney Lea (Editor)

CRITICAL COLLECTIONS - Carolyn Kizer: Perspectives on Her Life & Work
Edited by Annie Finch, Johanna Keller & Candace McClelland

Common Life
Robert Cording

Confessions of Joan the Tall: A Memoir
Joan Cusack Handler (Senior Editor)

Darkening the Grass
- Michael Miller

A Day This Lit
- Howard Levy

- John Haines

The Disheveled Bed
- Andrea Carter Brown

Divina Is Divina
- Jack Wiler

door of thin skins
- Shira Dentz

Eating Moors and Christians
- Sandra M. Castillo

Elegy for the Floater
- Teresa Carson

Esther: A Novel in Verse
- Pam Bernard

Eyelevel: Fifty Histories
- Christopher Matthews

The Fork Without Hunger
- Laurie Lamon

Fun Being Me
- Jack Wiler

- Joan Cusack Handler (Senior Editor)

CRITICAL COLLECTIONS - A Gradual Twilight: An appreciation of John Haines
- Edited by Steven B. Rogers

- Martin Mooney

How the Crimes Happened
- Dawn Potter

How They Fell
- Annie Boutelle

- Joseph O. Legaspi

Impenitent Notes
- Baron Wormser

An Imperfect Lover
- Georgianna Orsini

Jesus Was a Homeboy
- Kevin Carey

Kazimierz Square
- Karen Chase

The Laundress Catches Her Breath
- Paolo Corso

Letters From a Distant Shore
- Marie Lawson Fiala

Letters from Limbo
- Jeanne Marie Beaumont

Life With Sam
- Elizabeth Hall Hutner

Little Boy Blue: A Memoir in Verse
- Gray Jacobik

Love's Labors
- Brent Newsom

Misery Islands,
by January Gill O’Neil

Losing Season
- Jack Ridl

- Catherine Doty

Motherhood Exaggerated
- Judith Hannan

My Crooked House
- Teresa Carson

Neighborhood Register
- Marcus Jackson

Night Sessions
- David S. Cho

The One Fifteen to Penn Station
- Kevin Carey

The Origins of Tragedy & Other Poems
- Kenneth Rosen

My Mother's Funeral
- Adriana Páramo

My Painted Warriors
- Peggy Penn

Only So Far
- Robert Cording

- Joan Cusack Handler

The Palace of Ashes
- Sherry Fairchok

Places I Was Dreaming
- Loren Graham

The Poetry Life Ten Stories
- Baron Wormser

Primary Lessons
- Sarah Bracey White

- Eloise Bruce

Red Canoe: Love In Its Making
- Joan Cusack Handler (Senior Editor)

Same Old Story
- Dawn Potter

The Second Night of the Spirit
- Bhisham Bherwani

The Silence of Men
- Richard Jeffrey Newman

Silk Elegy
- Sondra Gash

The Singers I Prefer
- Christian Barter

Snakeskin Stilettos
- Moyra Donaldson

So Close
- Peggy Penn

Soft Box
- Celia Bland

Southern Comfort
- Nin Andrews

Spooky Action at a Distance
- Howard Levy

Surviving Has Made Me Crazy
- Mark Nepo

Through a Gate of Trees
- Susan Jackson

To The Marrow
Robert Seder

- Donald Platt

- January Gill O'Neil

Unidentified Sighing Objects
- Baron Wormser

The Waiting Room Reader, Vol I: Stories to Keep You Company
- Joan Cusack Handler (Senior Editor)

Waiting Room Reader, Vol II: Words to Keep You Company
- Rachel Hadas (Guest Editor)

Walking With Ruskin
- Robert Cording

WE AREN'T WHO WE ARE and this world isn't either
- Christine Korfhage

We Mad Climb Shaky Ladders
- Pamela Spiro Wagner

Where the Dead Are
- Wanda S. Praisner

Without Wings
- Laurie Lamon